Best bedroom ideas 2018

Painting ideas

Because bedrooms have far less foot traffic than say a kitchen, bathroom or living room the paint you actually use in these rooms does not have to be as durable.

Rather you can go for those paints, which have a much softer sheen such as eggshell ones. Painting a room is not difficult but coming up with bedroom painting ideas can to some people prove somewhat difficult especially as our eyes are actually able to distinguish between 7 million different colors.

However when it comes to redecorating a bedroom you need to understand what the colors are and what rules there are to follow, which will ensure that the colors you use will complement one and other. Firstly, let us talk about what the groups of colors are that you can use in your bedroom painting scheme.

1. Primaries – These are the three main colors of blue, yellow and red.

2. Secondaries – These are the colors, which are produced when the primary colors are combined together. For example by combining red with blue you get purple, red with yellow gives you orange and blue and yellow will give you green.

3. Tertiaries – This is another set of colors, which can be produced by combining the secondary colors with the primary color that neighbors it. So by combining orange with yellow will provide a further lighter orange, but orange with red will produce a much darker shade.

As well as understanding out the above, three grouping of colors work together to produce the many different shades our eyes can see. It is important that you keep the following rules in mind to ensure that they colors you use in your bedroom-decorating scheme are balanced and complement one and other.

However, along with making sure that the colors work together you need to ensure that the bedroom decorations you choose also match with what else is in the room.

Therefore, if you have any kind of unique bedroom furniture such as bunk bed with steps, which has particular colors on it, then you need to use paint colors, which will complement rather than make the furniture, stand out.

Remember you are trying to make this room a place of peace and tranquillity, which can help you to relax and forget about the stresses and strains modern living, places upon you.

In addition, when it comes to selecting an interior design bedroom scheme you need to ensure that you should not use one color alone in your design.

If you can yes use similar shades of the main color in the room, but also use colors that many find opposite on the color wheels you see in many home decorating and DIY stores to act as accents in your overall scheme. For example for a room that is blue in color not only include various shades of blue but greens and purples as well as each will provide a contrast and complement to the other.

Design ideas for boys’ bedrooms

Just as with girls coming up with the right design for their bedrooms can prove extremely challenging to their parents. Certainly when it comes to decorating a teenagers bedroom actually finding teenage bedroom designs that they like can often prove more difficult than one first imagined. In this article, we provide you with some ideas, which may make the whole task of decorating teenage boy’s bedrooms much easier when the time comes.

Firstly, it is important that the parent spends time sat down with their teenage son discussing what ideas they have if any for decorating their room. The more input they have into the design the more willing they are to actually get a room that they will like and feel comfortable in.

Secondly, you need to decide upon a color if they want something a little more vibrant or deep within the room say blues or purples, then to enhance the look aim for much lighter colored furniture and pillows. If you can go for light beeches along with some stainless steel or chrome, which will provide an accent to the colors that the walls have, been painted. If you can paint the walls, using two colors rather than choosing to opt for one color all over.

Next you need to look at bedding again it is preferable to select that which will combine and complement with the colors in the room. A great way of getting the ideal look when it comes to bedding is to go for something which is a combination of the colors within the room or is just one solid block of one of the accent colors you are using.

When it comes to buying boys roll-away beds and you have sufficient space within the room arrange an area that is set aside for them to study in. Nevertheless, if you do not have this amount of space available then why not go for a higher cabin bed which underneath comes with an area that can be utilized for studying. Many of these high cabin beds often come with a table and chair which provide the study area that a teenage son will need.

For adding accents to a room in order to add a completely new look to their room, but make sure that they match perfectly in with the design that has been chosen. For example if your son has chosen to go for a design which is very simplistic and modern then rather than putting up curtains replace with wooden or metal Venetian blinds. Not only are they great for keeping light out but will further enhance that contemporary feel to the room that your child is after.

If they are going to be using their room as a place to hang out with the mates after school and at weekends then add some kind of seating area for them. To give teenage boys bedrooms a place where they can relax with the mates include a few beanbags, which they can then use rather than having to rely on chairs or the bed.