The ULTIMATE Best dildos buying guide- 2016

Dildos – What Are They?

A dildo is any object designed for vaginal or anal insertion. Dildos come both as vibrating or non-vibrating models and are made of silicone, plastic, rubber or the new soft, life-like materials like Cyberskin or Soft Touch.

Why would you want to use a dildo?

The truth of it is, women crave the pressure and fullness of penetration and the dildo can fill that need. Dildos are a logical and natural response to the fact that while many of us enjoy having our vaginas or anuses filled, no two of us have exactly the same preferences in terms of the length, width and shape of the object filling us.

Variety of Dildos

Dildos come in as many shapes and sizes as female vibrators! In fact, some dildos vibrate!

A dildo isn’t necessarily a substitute for a penis, although single women may want to think of their dildo as just that!

Those of us that masturbate with a dildo can manipulate our own pleasures, speed and penetration. This makes a dildo a nice tool for experimenting with your sexual awareness and responses. They are the ultimate self-assertion tool!

Men will also use a dildo for anal pleasure for themselves or their male or female partner. Keep your dildo clean and is the ultimate safe-sex buddy! Choose from many different shapes and sizes, some silicone and some made of a jelly material. Then there are the “realistic” dildos – a real treat!

The best dildos are made of various rubber and plastic compounds. The rubber is usually fairly soft and flexible in nature and the plastic stiff and hard. Some dildos use realistic Cyberskin rubber for an almost velvety human skin feeling. Other dildos use a soft jelly or high quality silicone rubber compound.

Some of the best dildos are made of glass or heavy duty acrylic. if gently warmed with water they will retain the warmth nicely!

Another advantage of glass dildos is that it’s also the best dong material for cleaning.

Dildos and Dongs

If you’ve been around for sometime, you’ll know that there’s nothing like a standard dildo.

They can be found in smooth, ribbed, veined, pointy, bulbous and myriad other shapes made with pleasure in mind.

thick huge dildoDildos also vary from a 4 inch to 13 inches in size. There are some dongs out there that are huge, thick and generally too big for most people.

These veined monster cocks are only for experts (or joke gifts).

Some large dildo models are longer than a foot in length and several inches in girth.

Can I use a dildo?

Anybody can use a dildo. Just penetrate a lubricated vagina or anus, remove, insert, and repeat.

Keep your jelly, rubber, and any dildo clean after each use. And wash before using too.

Types of Dildos

Double Dildo

best double dildoA double dildo is simply a longer than usual phallic shape that allows for simultaneous penetration of 2 vaginas in different positions.

Most double dildos are between 12 and 18 inches in length from tip to tip.

Another double type is the dual penetrating dildos, with two cocks, one for vaginal, the other for anal.

These dildos are used by a solo woman who crave the feeling of a penis in each cavity. The anal penis is usually smaller for an easier fit.

It’s generally assumed that only lesbian couples have any use for double dildos, but that’s not the case. A friend recently confided that she enjoys, even loves to have each head of a flexible jelly double ender in her anus and vagina.double anal dildo

This a smooth, more flexible King Cock Double Penetrator, with a slightly smaller head on one end, and veins. To top it off, the dildo pictured even has a grape scent.

When in use by a lesbian couple or bisexual women, a dual end dildo is inserted into each woman’s vagina.

This is easiest to attempt with your weight resting on your rear-end at first.

Once you have some practice with dildos of this nature, you can try doggie style.

Like all dongs, the double format comes in different materials, diameters, lengths, colors and even scents. Extravagant examples even have vertebra that allows the dildo to be shaped and bent.

Click here to see an assortment of realistic double dildos

Inflatable dildos

Most penetrating phalluses rely on vibration to give them something ‘extra.’

However, inflatable dildos rely on a simple pneumatic squeeze pump, to inflate a chamber inside the dildo with air.

This causes the dildo to grow in both ‘girth’ (the distance around the penis) and length.

A penis capable of increasing, and expanding proportions like this emperor dildo, with a suction cup on the base, isn’t something you find in nature.

Using the inflation capabilities while the dildo is inserted is the way most people use these sex toys.

The possibilities for this type of dildo are endless.

I’d suggest adding a vibrating cockring around the balls, for that little added tingle in the clitoris. However, how you choose to stick this to a surface is up to you.

There’s nothing to say you can’t use one of these inflatable’s for anal sex as well. Just be careful. And make sure you use lubricant.

It’s probably not the right dildo for an anal beginner. But an inflatable emperor could work well for an experienced person at sticking things up their butt.

Smooth glass dildos- hard and firm as heck

Glass dildosThe firmest, hardest dildos available are made using glass, pyrex or safety glass, and acrylic, which isn’t really glass at all.

The advantages of a glass dildo are it’s hard, smooth surface, and it’s thermal retention (it stays fairly warm once heated).

It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but in truth, a dildo made with glass is one of the best adult toys women can get. A clear acrylic dildo is made with a hard plastic that simulates the properties of glass.

Aside from colder metal or stone, nothing is as smooth as a hard acrylic or glass dildo, with it’s firm and unyielding qualities.

Ejaculating dildos- for a liquid surprise

ejaculating dildoSo you want a squirting strapon dildo that ejaculates. One that can squirt simulated semen like a penis?

Well you are in luck, because ejaculating dildos do exist, fulfilling that need to have a warm liquid spurting feeling.

A small squeeze bottle is a simulated semen reservoir for one of 3 ejaculate launching dongs shaped like a penis.

So far the best recipe for simulated ejaculate fluid is a bit of yogurt diluted with some warm water. Lubricate the dildo the same way you would any other, and masturbate with it, squirting simulated ejaculate liquid when you wish.

The ejaculation of ‘semen’ from a squirting dildo feels very nice when it sprays. It can feels awesome on the exterior of the vagina, anus or belly or even as a facial.

Some versions of squirt strapons are very detailed and lifelike in coloration, like this one that’s available on Adam & Eve. Others just have an ejaculation mechanism in a more plain dildo shape.

Big jelly dildos- Luxuriant and soft squishy rubber dildos

When you are looking for a dildo that’s soft, non-threatening, and fun, a huge jelly dildo is hard to beat.

These are usually affordable (if not downright cheap), and vary in shape, size, color, detail and scent. That’s right, some of these jellies have scent added to the rubber, most of them use some kind of sweet smelling fruit.

This nicely detailed penis shaped jelly style dong is realistic in many ways, but has a soft pink translucent color.

The jelly material itself is very smooth, flexbile and yet firm more so than spongy. It’s kind of like a solidified gelatin or medical shock absorbing gel.

The jelly that’s used in this type of dildo can also be used in vibrators, cock rings and pocket pussy masturbators for men.

It’s very slippery and slick with some lubricant added to the dildo’s surface, and to the orifice (vaginal or anal) where it will be inserted.

It’s common to find these dildos shaped like a penis, or with fancy knobs and ridges, or in a simple straight shafted dong. Double dildos up to 17 inches long can be found made of this jelly as well, they leave a good portion of the dildo to use for a grip if you use one solo.

Internal Vaginal Dildo Cameras

As voyeurism becomes a popular fetish in the tech age, internal pictures of the vagina are a new option.

Dildo Cameras are available to the public now that allow couples to view images inside the vagina. These come with a small camera lens in a dildo to get the pictures.

In some models, the camera even has a vibrator attached for stimulating the clitoris while you roll film internally.

Previously only gynecologists were abe to have the views and pictures these vagina cameras give of the inside area.

It was only recently that these vagina cameras were expensive enough for professionals only, but now any couple can acquire them.

You don’t even need video capture capability in your computer (although that works too). Only a regular VCR with the common RCA video input jacks is required.

You can make videos of internal vaginal photographs and create your own images for personal use. Or for a web site if you are into stuff like that.

Deep inside a pussy you can see the beautiful, moist pink colors and soft folds of the vaginal walls. Just be careful in there, you want to be invited back!

Best homemade dildos

best homemade dildo kitsWhat gift could be more personal than making a dildo molded from your penis?

You can buy a kit that allows you to mold a homemade dildo in the likeness of your penis. The best homemade dildo will even allow you to make a mold of your own penis and balls, realistic and detailed.

The body double kit has all the stuff you need to create a quality rubber replica of your own penis, in dildo or vibrator form (depending on what kit you buy). With this homemade dildo, you can give a TRULY uniqe gift to your loved one.

It’s a relatively easy process to create an anatomically accurate homemade sex toy with this kit/method.

Of course, you might be just as happy with a normal dildo sex toy.

The Strap on Dildo Harness

strap on dildo harnessDildo harness systems are designed to allow the owner to swap between different dildo/penis attachments.

But in an extraordinary twist of luck, this also makes for easy cleaning of the dildos.

A decent dildo harness should be adjustable as well as durable. Leather harnesses are often regarded as best. They are surprisingly durable. And the leather [produces a certain kinky feeling on your skin.

Synthetic straps can chafe the wearer when used with some exertion.

The strap-on dildo add-ons are attached to a basic leather harness that is worn on the hips and under the crotch. It can almost resemble a skimpy safety harness of some kind or a piece of sports gear.

Unisex strap on dildo harnesses will have a slit for both vaginal access as well as enough room for the male wearer to have the penis protrude below the strap style dildo attachment.

Vibrating dildos can also be purchased with remote vibrator motor controls for your strap on harness.

One of the more popular systems is the Vac u Lock. A vac u lock harness can accommodate a wide variety of dildo attachments that are custom made to vacuum snap on to the special vac u lock plug.

On a strap on harness like this vac u lock model, the dildo is interchangeable with others of different sizes, shapes and materials, all of which plug onto the front of the harness. This dildo can be removed from the strap on harness for cleaning.

This is an useful adjustability feature in itself with the vac u lock system, so that one leather harness can be used with several sizes of dido. You can even get vibrating dildo attachments, where the controls fit into a small pouch worn on the waist straps.

There should be waist straps and a ‘dorsal’ strap that goes underneath on any strap on dildo system.

Some have straps that go behind and around the buttocks, instead of a dorsal strap.

Some special strap-on dildo harnesses have vaginal plugs, and/or butt plugs on the dorsal strap.

Not only do these plugs offer some pleasure for the wearer, they also help to keep the dildo harness stable during enthusiastic sessions.

For cleaning the strap leather, remove the dildo, and use a little bit of saddle soap (from a shoe store).

Follow the instructions on the soap, and you should have clean leather harness straps, without cracking, drying or shrinking.

Miscellaneous Dildos

Some creative types have made dildos with neat capabilities, like inflatable shafts or the kind that squirts to simulate ejaculation. There are also the family of big dildos featuring larger dimensions.

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