The Best mattress topper for the money

What’s the trouble with a spring mattress?

Besides the fact that they become uncomfortable in what seems like as soon as you get it home, they wear out. They no longer support the curves of our body. And they become so soft that they no longer provide the support we need while we sleep.

There is a way you can rejuvenate that old mattress with a visco foam mattress pad.

Made from memory foam a visco foam mattress pad is “viscoelastic” this means the foam will mold around your body providing the best support so you can get a restful sleep. What’s the amazing thing about memory foam? A visco foam mattress pad returns to it’s regular state as soon as you get up off of it.

The memory foam mattress was an instant success when it first came onto the market, so it only made sense that the foam mattress pad would do just as well. As a cost effective alternative to a new mattress why wouldn’t it.

Available at most department and furniture stores the price of a visco foam mattress pad varies anywhere from a hundred dollars to well over a thousand. It’s all dependent on the size and quality.

The thicker the pad the more durable and comfortable it will be. If you’re purchasing a visco foam mattress pad to forgo purchasing a new mattress then go for a thicker pad with a good density rating. The thicker the more contouring support the mattress pad will have.

Springing for a high end foam mattress pad is still only a fraction of the price of a foam mattress which can easily run into the thousands for a queen or king size frame.

Some Disadvantages

While it is more comfortable to have a thicker foam mattress pad, keep in mind the thicker the pad the more difficult it can be to get a normal fitted sheet of the topper and your mattress.

Also a visco foam mattress pad doesn’t breath extremely well, so during warmer months you might find the pad will hold your body temperature.

Not to pigeon hole anyone there are other alternatives to making your old mattress more comfortable. While a visco foam mattress pad is the crème de la crème many mattress manufacturers make pillow tops that can be added to our staircase bunk bed as well.

While they don’t have the durability of memory foam they will do a similar job to make your bed softer.

One last important point that needs to be made about foam mattress pads. For those that are allergic to dust mites, feathers, and other polyfill materials you will find the visco mattress pad is ideal. It’s chemical free, and designed with allergy sensitive people in mind. Allergy night aggravate snoring.

All in all it might not be a new mattress, but it’s the next best thing and a lot easier on the pocket book.

Visco elastic foam mattress toppers

best mattress topperThe next generation in mattress toppers the Visco elastic memory foam mattress topper will have you never wanting to get out of bed again.

Visco memory foam, which is the formulation NASA came up with originally to help astronauts have an easier re-entry is now primarily used for mattress toppers, as well as mattresses.

It’s a unique product that is sensitive to our body temperature, as it heats up it contours to our bodies shape providing us with much better support then a regular spring mattress or conventional mattress topper ever could.

Visco elastic memory foam mattress topper manufacturers are targeting people like you and I that have a 5-10 year old mattress that is starting to wear out but we’re not quite ready to take the step to purchasing a brand new mattress. Of course there’s no secret that spring mattresses wear out, and when they do it can leave us with a whole mess of problems including lower back pain, lost sleep, and fatigue. Adding a 2″ to 4″ visco memory foam topper to our old mattress gives us the feel of a new mattress but at only a fraction of the price.

Visco memory foam is considered to be medium in firmness which is the happy medium for comfort and support of our neck, back, head, and legs.

The real benefit is felt when you lay down on your bed for the first time after adding a Visco elastic memory foam mattress topper and feeling how your back and spine are supported. If you’ve ever had the chance to lay on a latex mattress, you’re familiar that latex tends to bounce back at the body when you lay on it.

In contrast memory foam will contour and adjust to the curves of your body providing a more comfortable support. It’s especially beneficial to those that already experience some spinal troubles or back pain.

Most visco memory foam toppers will be 2″ or 3″ thick, and as mentioned have a medium density around 3lb. This is enough to rejuvenate your old mattress and provide yourself with a better nights sleep.

There a numerous brands to choose from for a visco foam topper, and pricing will vary based on brand and size.

Electric mattress pad vs electric blanket

electric mattress padAre they the same thing, and electric blanket and electric mattress pad, while they accomplish the same thing don’t do so in the same way. While an electric blanket goes over us, a mattress pad goes on top of our mattress underneath us.

Generally because heat rises an electric mattress pad will keep you warmer on cold nights then an electric blanket. Because the heat from the blanket continually is moving away from our bodies underneath the blanket.

While the electric mattress pad releases heat that rises through us from below. This makes an electric heated mattress pad more efficient using less energy to heat us up.

The Electric Mattress Pad is also Therapeutic

A great way not only to keep warm, but an electric mattress pad is an excellent way to help us relax. Lower back, legs, and arms all benefit from the application of heat. If you suffer from arthritis then you’ll enjoy laying on top of a heated mattress pad, the temporary relief it provides can help you fall asleep on nights when you’re suffering.

Approximately 90% of the heat an electric blanket releases is lost rising up. While an electric mattress pad the heat once it’s released is still rising up, because you’re lying on top of the mattress pad you enjoy the heat rising though your joints and muscles. Your mattress will also maintain more heat, reducing the length of time the electric mattress pad needs to be on.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of an electric mattress pad are less wires to become tangled in while sleeping, and no lumpy blankets on top of you. if you’re an active sleeper that moves around a lot you might find that the wires from a heating pad or electric blanket can become tangled in your feet over night. Using a heated mattress pad removes this annoyance.

The heat that is produced by an electric mattress pad ensures you stay warmer longer. Often you won’t require your heated mattress pad to be left on for long because once your warm you can stay underneath your blankets.