Nutri bullet RX vs Blendtec blenders

Nutri Rx Blender

Deciding to make the jump up to one of the more commercial type blenders on the market is often a necessity if you plan on making daily smoothies as part of your healthy lifestyle.

The 2 most popular options I evaluated before making my decision was the Nutri bullet RX and Blendtec blenders.

They are both a bit more expensive than the average blender you find in most stores but make a world of difference in value and uses you can get out of the blender.

Seriously, once you start using one of these blenders you never want to go back to the old traditional blenders for many reasons.

Both blenders are optimally designed to help make blending more efficient and not jam up as much with ingredients. Both options are also much more powerful than the common blender which allows you to make smoothies in a fraction of the time of typical blenders without worrying about burning out the motor or getting it jammed.

One of the key selling points for me in my decision to purchase the Vitamix was the spill-proof vented lid with removable lid plug which makes is super easy to add additional ingredients while the blender is running. It also comes with a “tamper” which is like rod you can use to push down or stir to help the blending process along if any additional nudging is required.

The last selling point that put me over the edge with the Vitamix blender was how super easy it is to clean up. You just add some warm water and a few drops of dish soap, and run on high for 20-30 seconds or so. I do one more rinse with just plain warm water to make sure no material is left on the walls of the blender and blend for a few more second and done. No disassembling required to clean out various components.

The vitamix took away all the excuses I used to have that prevented me from making smoothies as often as I had liked.

Just because I chose the Vitamix over the Blendtec doesn’t mean there might be other advantages to the Blendtec you might prefer over the Vitamix. Ultimately it is up to what works best for you and your budget and either one you go with take you the next level in becoming
a smoothie master!

Loft Bed Ideas for a Teenager’s Room

Decorating a teenager’s room can be difficult. A teen’s bedroom may not be very spacious and finding the right type of furniture to fit in with a teenager’s tastes can be quite a task.

A bunk bed would save space but isn’t all that desirable as every teen needs his or her own personal space. That’s why the loft bed, a variant of the bunk bed family, is a great way to create more space in a room while at the same time being acceptable to a teen’s critical standards.

teen-loft-bed-with-deskEven if your child is not quite a teenager yet, the idea of getting a loft bed makes for an easier transition to college life in the dorm where college loft beds are quite prevalent. Loft beds are also fairly uncommon and thus “cool” enough for a teen to like and brag about when there are friends over.

The idea of a loft bed is similar to that of a bunk bed with two beds stacked directly one on top of the other. The only real difference is that the lower bunk is converted for some other practical use.

The most common and popular model loft bed is with a desk underneath. This gives a teenage ample desk space to do homework on or place a computer. Outside of studying, homework, and a few extracurriculars, there is not much else a teenager should be focused on.

That’s why it’s a great idea to choose a loft bed with a desk. By being able to effectively stuff a desk underneath the loft bed, you free up that extra space in a teenager’s bedroom that would normally have been used up by a stand alone desk.

Another loft bed idea for teens is with a futon loft bed. The top layer remains a bed for the teen but the bottom bunk is a futon. This offers a grown-up seating area nearly as good as a couch. Imagine how cool your teen will be with friends with a futon in the bedroom!

The best part is, if your teen has a sleepover, then the futon can be quickly converted into a bed. Make sure if you select this loft bed configuration that the futon below is actually a futon bed. Most futons should be able to lay completely flat by their design, but futon beds are generally designed more thoughtfully for a better sleeping experience.

A great benefit of the loft bed with futon is you can seat it opposite a television so your teen has a place to sit while watching TV or playing video games. Otherwise your teen may have to sit on the floor or on the bed, both less comfortable seating surfaces than a futon. It can also encourage them to sit at an acceptable distance away from the TV screen, provided you place the loft bed far enough away.

Loft beds are a great idea for decorating teen’s rooms. Due to their unusualness and usefulness, they have a cool factor which makes teenagers very receptive to the idea. Loft beds save space by providing some extra utility like a desk or a futon among many other configurations, and growing teens will appreciate the additional space.

Teenagers spend a lot of time in their rooms so you want them to be comfortable while having a very adult personal space. With this in mind, there are many loft beds that can be quite juvenile with multiple colors or even themes like a castle, so be sure to buy a loft bed that your teenager will continue to love and cherish even as he or she nears that age when it is time to go to college.

Sex toy buying guide: What you must know before you buy a sex toy

buy sex toy

Just about every man or woman alive has done it. But most will deny it.

Most adults at one time or another consider deriving sexual gratification from an inanimate object.

And as we enter into an age full of plastics and latex the choice of inanimate objects is large.

People have been using items to enhance their masturbation experience for thousands of years.

In the past the sex toy materials of choice were composed of animal, vegetable and mineral materials. Things like cucumbers, polished oblong stones or hardwoods, and even molded leather phalluses were used by women as sex toys to penetrate the vagina.

Men were mostly limited to their own hands for masturbation up until the advent of latex rubber and clever new molding techniques around the turn of the century.

These days sex toys are an acceptable way to spice up your love life and/or practice safe sex on your own.

Should you get a sex toy?

A sex toy isn’t just for lonely people or folks who can’t get a date. Many sexually active men and women use the best sex toys alone for masturbation or with their sex partners.

Studies have shown that many women are unable to experience orgasm during sex without additional stimulation of the clitoris.

In light of this, the best vibrators for women and best budget penis pumps straddle a fine line between adult toys and therapeutic devices.

With an abundance of relatively cheap sex toys costing less than $20 available to buy (and the discreet ease of buying a sex toy on the internet), it’s no wonder that sex toys are experiencing an explosion in popularity.

Don’t shy away from buying a sex toy if you are convinced it is the spice that’s been missing from your life.

The best sex toys can be therapeutic. They pack a lot physical and psychological benefits. And they liberate men and women all over the world to have a positive sexual attitude.

I hope that sex toys continue to be affordable. But more importantly, I hope that they keep keeping your sex life exciting for a long, long time.

Buying a Sex Toy Locally vs. Online

Chances are you’ve walked or driven past the dim or brightly lit windows of an xxx adult sex toy store in your city at one time or another, cryptically debated with a certain part of your brain whether you should walk to the counter. But then walked away, dejectedly.

If you haven’t, chances are that you live in a smaller city or town with no sex toy store around for miles or a state where the sale of adult sex toys is illegal.

Whether you have an xxx adult store in your home town or not you can still buy sex toys online with a credit card from any one of thousands of online sex toy merchants.

Let’s look at some of the pro’s and con’s involved with buying sex toys the older way or on the net.

Buying a sex toy in a brick and mortar store

Shopping in a real brick and mortar sex toy store has advantages in it’s favor and disadvantages just like any other e-commerce vs. traditional store.

The advantages are that you can see and hold the sex toy you’re interested in and you will likely walk out with the sex toy of your choice that same day.

You’ll have a good idea of what it’s made of, the size of the sex toy, and in some cases you can handle a demo model that’s out of the package.

The disadvantages of buying from your local sex toy store are things like it’s location, it’s clientele, and how comfortable you feel browsing through aisles of rubber penises and other things with strangers around.

Going into a sex toy shop can be one helluva challenge. Getting the sex toy you desire off of the shelf and taking it to the counter without turning red in the face is another!

But it all depends on the nature of your personality and how well matched the adult sex store you choose is suited to your tastes.

Buying online

If you live in a small town, village or hamlet with no xxx store or you reside in a state that makes it hard to buy sex toys you will probably want to buy online.

There are literally thousands of sex toy sites online. Try to choose a respectable and trustworthy sex toy site with prices and shipping options that make sense to you.

Be careful who you select. You will want a sex toy merchant with a secure site who has been around for some time. If you want my recommendation, try Adam and Eve.

Any of the sex toy stores you find through our links page are established and reliable options.

The price and selection of available sex toys varies from store to store online just like anything else. Go shopping around and do some link surfing to find the best deals.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Sex Toys

Keeping your sex toy clean and happy will help prolong it’s life and help keep you healthy.

Keeping it clean is one of the very most important things you can do for your best sex toy.

Almost any kind of sex toy can and will come into contact with bodily fluids of one kind or another. After using the sex toy, it’s very important to properly remove these bodily fluids and dry your sex toys completely.

How you do this best depends on the type of sex toy you have.

Best Vibrator Care

Waterproof vibrators are the easiest sex toys of all to wash, just rinse it in hot water with some soap.

I personally prefer, use, and recommend Spectro-Jel 609® to clean my waterproof vibrators. The cleanser so mild that it won’t harm most plastics or rubber.

It’s also good for having very little odor or flavor. You never know where your sex toy wind up.

Spetro-Jel comes in a handy pump dispenser bottle, which is another big plus for me.

If your vibrator isn’t waterproof you might want to wrap a small dry towel or tea towel around the cap where the batteries go during the cleaning process. This makes a crude barrier to stop water from running into the battery compartment and the motor area.

Once the vibrator is cleaned up, you will want to dry it completely with a clean towel.

Remove the cap from the base of the vibrator and take the batteries out for storage. Leave the cap off. This way your batteries won’t wear out if the vibe is left on by mistake. And the motor is also spared being worn out too.

Leaving the cap off also helps to prevent moisture from becoming trapped inside the shaft.

During use some vibrator materials absorb an amount of liquids. The amount is probably minuscule, but it can’t help to let your vibrator breathe until the next time you use it.

Keep your vibrator wrapped in a clean, dry lint-free towel or tea cloth (separate from the one used for drying). This helps to keep dust and airborne fibers and molds from settling on your sex toy.

Penis Masturbation Pumps, and Simulated Vaginas

Cleaning your penis pump cylinder is not much different from cleaning a drinking glass.

  1. First, you should remove any parts that are made to be taken off, rinse these parts with hot soapy water and wipe them with a cloth.
  2. Next fill the pump cylinder with warm soapy water and scrub out any mess inside with a dish cloth or scrub brush.
  3. Leave the penis pump sex toy where it can dry completely before you put it back together.

A lot of penis pumps and other male sex toys come with cleaning instructions in the package, follow those if they conflict with anything I say here.