New Evidence: Bill Clinton might have sold nuclear weapon intelligence to China

  • China tested its first atomic bomb in 1964 and has conducted 45 nuclear tests since then.
  • China tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile in 1980, and its first submarine-launched ballistic missile in 1982.

Seeking to improve its nuclear arsenal, China stole advanced nuclear weapon secrets from the United States during the 1990’s.

According to the Senate floor statement of US Senator James M. Inhofe on March 15, 1999, one of the most serious breaches of national security in our lifetime occurred when President Bill Clinton and his administration covered up the Chinese theft of our top secret nuclear weapons data.

Senator Inhofe has since said repeatedly that President Clinton covered up the theft of technology regarding the top secret W-88 thermonuclear warhead. This warhead has an explosive capacity ten times greater than the Hiroshima bomb.

China was also able to acquire advanced US missile guidance technology because President Clinton personally signed export control waivers in 1996 for two aerospace companies, Loral and Hughes, to transfer that technology to China under the guise of satellite technology.

Bill-ClintonIn a conspicuous coincidence, top executives from these two companies were among the largest campaign donors to Mr. Clinton.

The evidence suggests that Mr. Clinton basically sold our guidance technology to the Chinese.

In fact, the top contributors to Bill Clinton’s campaign in 1992 were Chinese representatives. In 1996, defense contractors who were selling missile technology to China were at the top of the contributions list.

According to Senator Inhofe, “On May 7th, the Senate Intelligence Committee formally concluded that satellite waivers issued by the President had harmed national security by allowing the Chinese to improve their ICBM capabilities… The lost secrets include details about the neutron bomb, electromagnetic pulse weapons, re-entry vehicles, 50 years of information gathered from nuclear testing, every phase of nuclear design, space radar capabilities, and even the procedures to simulate nuclear testing with computers.”

China is now armed with over 450 warheads and, coupled with the guidance systems which they purchased through the Clinton administration, they can deliver those warheads to our front door with frightening accuracy.

In 1997 the Chinese had 18 American cities targeted with intercontinental ballistic missiles. It is unknown what that number is today.

Gen. Chi Haotian, the Chinese Defense Minister, said in 2000 that war with the United States “is inevitable; we cannot avoid it.”

If you think that nuclear war is no longer a significant threat looming on the horizon, ponder the General’s statement coupled with the newfound Chinese nuclear capability and accuracy.

Nuclear warheads delivery systems

In 1998 China bought the unfinished hull of an aircraft carrier from the collapsed Soviet Union. The completed vessel, 1,000 feet long and 122 feet wide, began sea trials in 2011.

China is also in the process of building a second aircraft carrier.

China nuclear weaponsIn July of 2004 China launched the first of a new class of ballistic missile submarines. These submarines carry the new JL-2 intercontinental missiles which have a range of 7,500 miles and can be launched underwater.

The new submarine has been under construction for years, and it will greatly benefit from stolen US nuclear warhead technology under the Clinton administration, according to a 1999 report by the House Select Committee on US National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People’s Republic of China.

These new 094-class Chinese submarines will be able to hit targets anywhere in the United States using our own missile technology without ever leaving their own protected waters.

Strength vs weakness

And what is the response of the United States in the face of such threats?

President Obama is cutting over $1 trillion from the US defense budget over the next decade.

On January 5, 2012, Obama announced plans to drastically reduce the size of our Army and Marine Corps, while postponing missile defense programs and other national defense systems.

In the words of Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, “The world always has had, and will always have a leader. As America steps back, someone else will step forward.”

A nuclear attack from China will probably not come without warning. It will most likely come after several days or even weeks of deteriorating relations following some crisis-provoking incident. That is why it would be wise to keep a close watch on international news.

Our intelligence sources and modern satellites will detect signs of preparations for war in the hostile nation, i.e. urban evacuations, fueling of ICBM’s, and massing of troops along borders.

The main problem is that the news networks distort the facts to the point that they are unreliable. Their only interest is to create hysteria, not report the truth.

You will have to read closely between the lines and decide when it is time to prepare, and when it is time to go.

Those last days will be a crucial opportunity to make the last minute preparations for the shortages and economic hardship that will follow a nuclear strike.

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