The Elusive G-Spot: Myth or Fact- Do You Really Have a G-Spot?

The illusive g-spot…myth or fact?

I vote fact, however there is very little written about it. When I started doing research about the g-spot I was floored to find that even in some of the better known books it only got a short blurb…if that. So I’m going to tell you what I know.

What is the G-Spot?

The Man Who First found the G SpotThe G-spot was “discovered” by Ernest Grafenberg. When it was later referred to in literature it was called the Grafen spot or g-spot.

The g-spot is a cluster of nerves in the front vaginal wall that responds well to pressure. It’s about the size of a dime, can be smaller or larger…which explains why it’s so easily missed.

A lot of people wonder why such a sexually pleasing area was only discovered in the last 50 years or so.

It would be very hard for a woman to find her own g-spot as it’s hard to reach. And if a man doesn’t know it’s there, odds are he isn’t looking for it.

But we know about it now, so lets put it to work for us!

How Do I Find My G-Spot?

You can find your g-spot in a number of ways. But lets make them fun at least.

First thing you need to remember is you may not find your g-spot the first few times you go hunting around for it, but don’t worry about it, don’t feel pressured to find it. So far you’re not missing out, because you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

The g-spot is approximately 1.5 – 2 inches in on the frontal wall of the vagina, above the opening of the urethra. You can see why this might be hard for the woman to find on her own.

However, you can use sex toys to help you find it. But really the best way to do it is to have your lover help you find it. You and your partner will learn something new during the exploration!

However, don’t put pressure on your partner to find it as he/she may not be able to. They don’t know what you’re feeling and there aren’t a whole lot of indicators to tell them they’ve found it except what you tell them.

I also suggest you know your anatomy before you hunt for it, you should know what everything is and where it belongs.

You want to just generally explore, you know approximately where it is so now you just have to find it.

Start by applying light pressure in areas and see how it makes you feel. If you find something that feels different explore it!

You may feel the need to urinate while you’re doing this. That is just because the bladder is in front of the sexual organs and you are applying some pressure, and you’re near the urethra.

Be vocal with your partner. You want them to know when they have found the right spot.

Better Sex and The G-Spot

So you’ve found the g-spot, now what?

There are a few techniques your lover can use to stimulate this infamous area. You’ll need to try new things to figure out what you like, so don’t be in a hurry and don’t be upset if your partner can’t get it quite right. After all they have no idea how you feel unless you tell them. Reward their efforts by letting them know you’re enjoying it.

You can try a come hither motion, by curling the fingers against the g-spot. Try rubbing in a circular motion, or rubbing up and down. You can even try a small vibrator. Once you’ve found something that works try stimulating your clitoris for a heightened sensation.

So, this is all well and good, but what about sex?

Well the g-spot happens to be in a particularly awkward spot for sex. But there are some things you can do! And keep in mind that every woman is different and some of these things may not work for you. Besides exploration is half the fun!

How to achieve orgasmThe idea would be to have the penis stimulate the g-spot, so by knowing different positions you’ll know what is more likely to help.

If it is man on top, try slower, shallow thrusts in order to hit the g-spot.

If it’s woman on top, try facing away from your partner (yes you’ll be looking at his legs).

From behind is probably one of the better positions for this. as the natural curve of the penis will be hitting the g-spot.

For something a little different try lying down with your legs together and having your partner come from behind.

Remember you can always add clitoral stimulation. One of the best orgasms you can have is the g-spot and clit combination. But I wouldn’t worry if that doesn’t happen right away.

The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation

This can get into a heated debate about what happens with female ejaculation. They have found that the fluid that comes out is similar to a man’s semen without the sperm.

The liquid comes from the urethra so many people think it’s just urine. The fluid that is stored is only about a tablespoon or so, so anything much more, might actually be urine.

Female ejaculation can happen when the g-spot is stimulated to climax, this won’t happen for all women. And the women who it does happen to, they are often very embarrassed. But I have good news, your partner probably thinks it’s great, they have given you an incredible orgasm.

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