First Time Anal Sex Guide for the Exploratory Guy and Girl

Communication & relaxation are keys for the most erotic & pleasurable anal experience. Both you and your partner should have a middle ground, both of you need to be relaxed and open for discussion.

Vanishing both your fears and straightening out the myths are essential, especially if one or both of you are concerned about it.

Being Clean Is Nice

Before and after anal play, and everyday it is important to clean the anus. The anus is the final stop of our digestive system, accidents may & can happen.

Some people do not mind of a little speck but for some it is the beginning of the end. A soapy finger during your shower is the most common and an effective way to clean your anus but remember this is not a guarantee that you will not encounter any surprises.

You can also purchase an Anal Douche.

An anal douche is ideally more effective than a soapy finger, it squirts your rectum with warm water and flushes out traces of your last john visit plus the warm water filling you up & leaving your rectum has a pleasurable effect within your tract.

Anal Lubricant Is Essential

Since the anus is not self lubricating, you got to bring your own lube.

The more anal lube you use, the better. Penetration is much easier and less painful, a truly satisfying experience for both partners. Lubrication is essential.

Use basic anal lubes such as CleanStream Desensitizing Anal Lube or Pjur Backdoor Anal Lubricant help to prepare and moisturize the anus before penetration.

There are anal lubes that have a more watery texture such as the Adam & Eve Anal Lube .

If you are worried about a pain during anal sex but still would like to try, you may want to consider using Desentizing Lube or the Rear Entry that helps to eliminate some pain if you still can’t control your anal muscles.

But keep in mind that these products should be used with precaution. If you are numb you won’t be able to tell if you are feeling pain or if you are doing damage to yourself.

When ready to perform anal sex do not rush into penetration. The anal muscles are tighter than the vaginal muscles. By forcing penetration your partner will feel pain. Massage the anal muscle and slowly introduce a finger or a thin anal butt plug.

You may also want to try an anal kit. Juli Ashtons Anal Beginners Kit, a perfect kit for a beginner’s first anal experience. It includes 3 butt plugs starting from the smallest for your first time and then 1 medium size when you get a little courageous and then gradually the largest when you are used to the sensation.

Remember practice makes perfect! If you feel pain this means that your sphincters are not ready and relaxed. Your body’s telling you to slow down or try again another time.

You do not have to perform a complete penetration inside the anus to make your partner experience climax.

To a Man- insert your finger or a butt plug in her anus while giving clitoral pleasure either by oral, hand or the best G Spot Vibrator for Women. This will enhance her pleasure and bring her to climax. Woman can massage or finger her man’s anus while performing oral sex to maximize her partner’s orgasm.

NOTE: If your partner does not want you to penetrate her in the anus but still want to enjoy some kind of anal play, do not insert your penis in her anus, let a good anal sex toy do the trick for you. The slender butt plug is much easier to accommodate than the actual penis due to its slender size and it’s flexible material.