Kegels: What they actually are and how to do kegel exercises

Kegels are the muscles that contract during an orgasm and aid in childbirth. These muscles can weaken over time and from child birth.

Why should I do kegels?

Did you know that with stronger muscles you’ll be able to grasp your mans penis more tightly with your vagina. It can help you to achieve orgasm or to have better orgasms and stronger contractions.

Your pleasure during sex will be heightened. And if that doesn’t convince you; it is important to do kegels to keep your insides from becoming your outsides.

Yes that’s right, I said it, if you don’t do your kegels when you become an old lady your vagina might come out as there isn’t enough muscle holding it there.

How do you find the PC muscles?

Next time you have to pee, try to stop midstream. Those muscles that allowed you to stop or pause (depending how strong they are) are the Puloccocygeus (PC) muscles.

How do you do kegels?

Start by squeezing as you did when urinating. If you need to, to know your doing it right, put your finger in your vagina and try to squeeze around it.

You’ll need to do reps everyday and increase the length of time you’re able to hold the muscle. It’s like body building it won’t happen over night, but on the plus side you can do these anywhere; at your desk, at lunch, at a movie, in church, whenever and wherever!

It’ll take about 6 weeks before you start to feel the effects during sex. But don’t stop, this is a lifetime thing, muscles become weak over time and you don’t want that. So keep on Kegeling!

You can use certain tools to help with this. By using Ben Wa Balls you can strengthen the muscles. The goal is to be able to keep them inside of you without them slipping out. It will tighten the muscles and strengthen the bladder.

Side note: Men also have PC muscles, they can do the same exercises, minus the vagina part. By strengthening those muscles they can have better control over ejaculation and can possibly have multiple orgasms.


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