SHTF preparedness: We prepped and prepared for a non-existent blizzard

Yesterday, our family busily prepared for a predicted major weather event. All the locals cancelled school, and residents were told to expect 8-20 inches of snow along with power outages and water shortages.

Because we are a family who invests in practical preparedness, we didn’t panic, we got to work.

Mondays are my regular grocery shopping days, so as planned I picked up our fresh foods: fruit, veggies, and meats.

I also picked up a turkey breast to roast and slice into sandwich meat, in case of a power outage. I also picked up 2 cases of water.

In past water shortages, our town has required residents to boil water due to the water line dipping too low.

With the promise of a water shortage AND a power outage, I opted for bottled water. We have a family of people, as well as dogs and rabbits to care for, and those priorities are a the top of our list.

At home while I filled water pitchers and tucked away our foodstuffs.

Rob plugged in all our electronic devices. Laptops, phones, even my Kindle reader. He also checked our flashlights, making sure they were all where they belonged and had fresh batteries.

I made sure our laundry was done and double checked everyone’s gloves/hats/scarves, and paired up snowsuits with coats. Rob made sure the snow shovels and snow thrower were all placed near the garage door for easy access.

With everything done, I prepared a few foods that could be eaten cold later, in case we lost power. I baked 2 loaves of my favorite sandwich bread, a couple of pizzas with Rob’s homemade New York style dough, and cookies.

We peeked out the windows this morning, expecting to see a winter wonderland.

But the blizzard never came.

The storm has been downgraded, and only a couple of inches are expected. We were surprised, and a bit disappointed. It has been a snow-poor winter, and we were hoping for some outdoor fun. We are also thankful to not be faced with multiple feet of snow, and for a full night’s rest, rather than a full night of snow throwing.

We are often asked if there is such a thing as being over-prepared.

Yes, there is!

Today, we are over-prepared. We don’t view this as a problem. When we prepare for an event that does not happen, our efforts do not go to waste. The food and water will keep and sustain us over the next several days.

We know our flashlights are up to par, and our electronic devices are fully charged for next use.

Instead of spending the day playing outside or shoveling, we plan to spend the day having a picnic/movie/game day in our toasty warm living room.

Over-preparing is having so large a stock pile that it is never appropriately rotated, and items expire and are wasted.

Over-preparing is a stock pile poorly managed or neglected that become infested with vermin, or is left to rust/wither or decompose. Over-preparing is sacrificing your present for your future.

Preparing does require sacrifice, but it does not require you to bankrupt yourself, or force you to live in a hoard.

Preparing is careful, intentional curating. A balance of the present *and* the future.